The All-Russian Scientific and Practical Conference “Science, fertilizers and plants protection means for agribusiness” headed by P.A. Chekmariov, vice-president of the Russian Academy of Science, academician of the Russian Academy of Science was held in Moscow on April 6, 2023. More than two hundred specialists and agrarian science experts, representatives of agricultural holdings, agro-industrial complexes, business communities, manufacturers of mineral and organic fertilizers, chemical and biological plants protection substances and other innovative products took part at the Conference.

The «Effective Technologies’ Scientific and Production Complex” Company took part at the Scientific and Practical Conference as well by invitation of the Russian Federation Academy of Science.

The Conference was opened by the moderator, Petr Chekmariov, vice-president of the Russian Academy of Science, academician. In his speech the above outlined the current state of agricultural products cultivation, world and home tendencies of that, the Russian arable land, its needs in chemical and organic fertilizers, chemical plants protection products, about how many of those are required in our country to provide the growth of crops yield, increase of fertility, emphasizing as well the problems, trends of agricultural development, appealing the participants to constructive discussion of those.

Leading agricultural scientists, academicians of the Russian Academy of Science: V.I. Kiriushin, A.Kh. Sheugen, G.P. Gamzikov, S.D. Karakotov, O.I. Podkolzin, corresponding member, A.N. Naliukhin, professor, Doctor of Agricultural Science of K.A. Timiriazev Agricultural Academy, D.M. Khomiakov, professor, Candidate of Biological Science of the Moscow State University named after M.V. Lomonosov, M.M. Ovcharenko, President of National Agrochemical Union, A.I. Beliaev, Doctor of Agricultural Science, Director of Agroecology Federal Scientific Center, A.I. Perkhov, edition of “Chemistry and Business” Magazine and many others spoke on the Conference.

“FosAgro” Public Joint Stock Company, “EuroChim Mineral-Chemical Company” Stock Company, "“Centrselkhozkhimiya” Ltd, “Shelkovo Agrokhim” Stock Company, “Buysk Chemical Plant” OSC, “AIK” Ltd, “Sakhalin Humates”, “EcoNivaAPK holding”, “AM SERVICE” Ltd, “Aron” Public Joint Stock Company, “Effective technologies” Scientific Production Complex” and others expressed their views on cooperation with the science and land cultivation development, use of chemicalization means, humates, aircrafts, methods for introduction of ahydrous ammonia and other agents. They presented their novelties and the experience for solving the problems of application of variety of products, been made many practical proposals for further improvement of cooperation and joint working of science and practitioners in the filed of Russian agriculture . .

Topical issues for development of updated assortment mineral and, organic fertilizerschemical and biological plants protection agents, provision for manufacturing of those, upgrading ad use of innovative achievements of agro-chemistry when using those for increasing crops yield and soil fertility in the Russian Federation have been considered at the conference.