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  • BIOFULEN Gymat kaliya

Biofulen granular


Biofullen granulated - dark brown granules with a diameter of 6-10 mm. The base frame of lowland peat granules is saturated with a complex of active humic acids, basic nutrients and microelements. The drug performs the functions of fertilizer, plant growth stimulator and biota activator.

The granules have good water-retaining capacity, participate in the regulation of the water balance in the soil, storing and releasing moisture at the right time. The gradual supply of nutrients into the soil from the granules ensures uniform plant nutrition for a long time.

Biofullen granulated helps to increase productivity, accelerates maturation and improves the quality of agricultural products. Allows you to get environmentally friendly and safe products, increase soil fertility, strengthen the immune system of plants. It is used as a fertilizer to be applied to the soil during the main cultivation and root dressing when growing cereals (in particular, rice), technical, vegetable, flower, ornamental and fruit crops, lawns, sports courts and other grassy surfaces in open and protected ground , pot cultures.




Applications of Biofulen granular on crops include:

  • introduction into the soil during the main processing;
  • introduction into the soil during root dressing;
  • introduction into greenhouse soil;
  • introduction into the soil for seedlings and pot crops.

Application area

  • Crop production
  • Eco farming